Commanders: Tactical Strategy Game is a free download for Tabletop Simulator.


Tabletop Simulator is purchasable online through the Steam Store. Commanders is not affiliated with Tabletop Simulator or Steam, but makes use of the services they provide for online gameplay.




Once you've installed Tabletop Simulator, you can download Commanders: Tactical Strategy Game for free in the Tabletop Simulator Workshop by clicking the subscribe button.




To start a game of Commanders, launch Tabletop Simulator and select "Multiplayer." Choose "Host Server" to create a game for your friends to connect to online. (They will need to choose "Server Browser" or "Direct Connect" depending on your network setup.) Or, if everyone is sharing one computer choose "Hotseat."


If you're hosting online you'll need to set your server preferences before opening Commanders. If you're sharing one computer, you'll need to select the number of players and each player will need to pick a color before opening Commanders.


Once your table is set up, you'll be able to choose which game to play. In the Games menu, choose the "Workshop" button in the top left corner. Then choose "Commanders" Tactical Strategy Game" from the list of your downloaded games.


Once the game has loaded, you're all set to begin! Click the Gameplay Tips button on the right for help on starting a new game.

To purchase Tabletop Simulator, you'll need to create an account on Steam if you don't already have one and download the Steam client (free). Steam is a service that lets you manage your video game library and purchase new games online. The account name you use on Steam is the name that will be displayed in Commanders and any other game you play through Steam.

Click the Subscribe button on the Commanders page to automatically download the game to your Tabletop Simulator library. Commanders will remain in your game library as long as you're subscribed to it and will automatically update any time improvements are made to the game.

The "Workshop" button in the top left corner of the games menu lets you view games you've downloaded that are not in Tabletop Simulator's default library. This is where you can launch Commanders: Tactical Strategy Game.

Gameplay Tips



Gameplay Tips


Starting the Game


At the start of a game, the host will see a message asking if they would like to randomize the pieces in a zone. If this is a brand new game, you should choose "Yes" as this will randomize the tiles on the board and shuffle the Secret Weapons card deck. However, if you are loading a saved game that is already in progress, you should choose "No" so that the board stays as it was when the game was saved. It is also good practice to click and drag over the board after randomizing it, to select it all, and press "L" on the keyboard to lock all of the tiles. This helps avoid accidentally shuffling or moving the board tiles as the game is played.

At the start of a new game, choose "Yes" to randomize the board. If you're loading a saved game in progress, choose "No" to keep the board the same as it was.

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